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Unconventional Apology Project is powered by a small team of mighty women living in the Los Angeles area. All team members are volunteering their time and efforts for the longevity of the Project. Read a little about each person and find out how they've helped this Project reach far and wide!

Chantal Barlow, Creator
Tiffany Curlee, MPA, MSW
Dr. Susan Hammoudeh

Chantal Barlow



Chantal is an internationally collected artist based in the Los Angeles area. Her artwork has been collected by art lovers as far as Austria. She continues to dedicate time to paint while spearheading the Project's activities. This Project is her brainchild, and she is very passionate about honoring her grandmother and the women who participate in the portrait series. The Project benefits from Chantal's rare pairing of innate business accumen and uncontainable creativity; a true Jane of All Trades and master of all! Her mind is always working on strategy and impact. A self proclaimed beach bum and nautical obsessed seafarer, "Captain" Chantal is as powerful as the sea she loves. She is our futurist and keeps the project light as our in house comedian!


For more information on Chantal's artwork, please visit her site


Phrase most used:

"Sooo I came up with this idea..."


Tiffany Barlow
Project Executive


Tiffany is the business side of the house. Her experience consulting for non-profit organizations across LA County, heavy involvement in academia and strong networks of organization-based professionals has helped the project gain legs in communities that do great work every single day. She has her hands in a wide range of the Project's activities, and ensures rapid, yet quality execution with a laser-focus on broadening the Project's public impact and securing community partnerships. She is process oriented, and is always creating new ways to streamline Unconventional Apology Project's pursuits; aiming to do more with less. Tiffany also is our word wizard, churning out compelling copy in the blink of an eye. She is an early-rising professional by day and music-loving, spontaneous hippie by night.


For more information on Tiffany's nonprofit expertise or to contact her directly, please visit her site.


Phrase most used: "Why not? Let's try it!"

Dr. Susan Hammoudeh


Susan is a Chicago-bred, hipster psychologist who loves combat boots and yoga. She is especially passionate about helping those who have experienced trauma and depression. She has a budding private practice in Pasadena and is our resource for making sure we take great care of Unconventional Apology Project's participants. Susan started consulting with the project shortly after its inception.


For more information on Dr. Hammoudeh's private practice, please visit her site.


Phrase most used: "We need to process this!" 

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